Homebodies is the single point of call for home repair and maintenance. We bring a full range of services to wherever you need them.

Mike Lerner, Homebodies founder and principal, is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon's science and engineering programs, and a degreed technical writer.

Over the past 10 years, he has turned his skills and ambition toward home repair and maintenance, in search of the ultimate solution for every problem. In doing so, Mike has spent thousands of hours researching home care solutions, blogging, and cultivating some of the most knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen in Silicon Valley, in order to bring truly smart services to the homeowner.

Fed up with no-show workmen, and half-planned, almost-but-not-quite-finished jobs? Got a few horror stories to tell about the workmen you wish you hadn't hired?

Homebodies is The Alternative: Smart, thorough repairs throughout your home that add value, comfort, and safety.

Homebodies not only finishes the job, we guarantee the job.

Homebodies is a San Jose, CA, business serving all of the South Bay.
For an appointment, please call Mike at 408-529-5560.

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