Our baseline cost of doing business to field a single worker, fully equipped with tools for the job, averages about ten dollars per hour ($10/hour). This cost of doing business accounts for wear and tear on equipment, such as worn-out blades, broken bits, spent batteries, tool repairs, lost tools, torn clothing, and worn-out or damaged protective gear, such as gloves and glasses. NOT included in this calculation is the gas and vehicle mileage cost to get to and from the job.


We provide you estimates based on a rate of $30 - $60 per hour, per worker, depending on the skill, tools, and risk involved. What that means is we try to figure out how many hours the job should take us to complete, and multiply by this rate. Then, we look at prices offered to previous customers, and price lists of other providers, to make sure our prices are commensurate.


We do not estimate materials cost-- we simply give ballpark figures at the high end of the range of what we expect materials to cost. Then, we present actual materials invoices, and apply 20% markup for stocking or delivering materials. All materials purchases are subject to a minimum markup of $25. Special orders are, at minimum, cost plus $40.


Regardless of the hourly rate, time spent, or initial estimate, certain tasks are subject to surcharges of up to $40 per task to compensate for risk, difficulty, or capital expenditure above and beyond what the average handyman provides:
  • Crawlspace work
  • Ladder work or second-story roofs
  • Handling hazardous materials
  • Dead animal removal
  • Hauling debris
  • Climbing, scaling, rappelling
  • Drilling masonry, tile, or concrete

Estimates are just that. They’re estimates. Although fair and reasonable, our estimates cannot possibly account for every nuance and challenge a job will present in advance. That’s part of the fun. Prices are subject to change, with fair notice to you, the customer.
Homebodies is a San Jose, CA, business serving all of the South Bay.
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